Water Taxi on OC Bay Hopper

Want to know a bit more about our Water Taxi service with the OC Bay Hopper?

On-demand Service

Unlike our Shuttle Service, our Water Taxi is on demand like a land-based taxi. We come to you and take you where you want to go!

Small Group Flexibility

If your group is 6 people in size or smaller, our Water Taxi often has the most flexibility.

Private Pier Pickup

Our Water Taxi service is available to pickup from your private pier or from a public dock.

Booking a Water Taxi?

We know our water taxi availability about 7 days in advance, so if you are looking for something further in the future, you will need to call or text us. Book a Water Taxi through the app for trips within the next seven days


Access to 20+ bars and restaurants up and down the bayside of Ocean City, MD. Hardly any bars/restaurants mind us dropping people off... but don't take up a parking spot if you plan to be out on the water.

Availability and Pricing

Check real-time availability and pricing, and book instantly, using our mobile app. Our app pricing model clearly shows the cost factors in your trip- before you pull the trigger! NOTE: We have much more availability after 8pm and on weekends...



Starting at $18 Per Person

Taxi pricing is sold per seat/person, one way.

Per-Trip Minimums

Most of our taxi trips have a 4-person minimum but that will vary by time of day and time of year.

Other Variations in Price..

include distance to be traveled, time of day/night, whether the pickup/drop-off location is a private pier, etc.


Most frequent questions and answers

No — the OC Bay Hopper fleet are smaller boats without bathrooms. Taxi trips are typically short enough to get you where you need to go without a stop in the middle.

Our availability varies depending on the captains and trips we have available on a given day. Most of our taxi availability ends by 11pm each night.

Yes you can! But there may be a per-trip minimum for pickup depending on time of day.

Each of our Water Taxi trips are one-way — but many customers book both a trip to their destination, and a return trip later.

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