Transportation on OC Bay Hopper

When you are looking to get your group from Point A to Point B in Ocean City during the summer, we have a couple of options to consider… 


$ 20 per person, one way, can vary
  • Pickup from private piers, public docks or any OC Bay Hopper location
  • Choose your departure time and return time
  • Access all of Ocean City's 24+ waterfront bars/restaurants
  • Groups up to 16 people
  • Even more availability for groups <7 people
  • Check availability and pricing in real-time using our App
  • Cost based on: length of trip, time of day/night, how close a Bay Hopper is, etc...
  • Available Thursday/Friday/Saturday during peak season
  • Additional Availability when shuttle is not running
Weekends- Plan Ahead!

- or -


$15 $27 $35 one way / round-trip / all day
  • Runs like a "bus"- whether full, empty or with a single person
  • New in 2024: "All Day Pass" available!
  • Beer, Wine and Seltzers onboard for sale
  • 4 Locations to "Originate" Trips: West OC, Downtown, 118th Street, and Ocean Pines Yacht Club (all with plenty of parking)
  • Nightly departure (6:15pm) from Bayside Community servicing Seacrets and Fager's Island
  • Stops in between our primary locations include Fagers, Seacrets, de Lazy Lizard, MR Ducks, Mickey Fins, Sunset Grille, Harborside and Shark on the Harbor.
  • Starts at 2pm each weekday at 118th Street and West OC Harbor
  • Starts at 11am Saturdays and Sundays and Holiday Mondays
  • Runs with a Captain and Mate
Starts June 15th

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