Join Our Team: Captain an OC Bay Hopper!

OC Bay Hopper was founded in 2018 and now has a fleet of 3 27’ Carolina Skiffs used to provide Water Transportation and Bay Experiences for residents and visitors to Ocean City, Maryland.


Our OC Bay Hopper’s operate between May 1st and October 31st from 3 locations: 118th Street, West OC Harbor (@Pier23) and downtown at the Old Town Marina (next to Marina Deck). Our boats and captains provide four types of services:


  • Bay Experiences: We run short trips (Ice Cream Cruises as an example) and longer trips (ie Assateague Tours) that are primarily targeted to families. 
  • Private Charters: We specialize in multi-generational family experiences out of the water, although we also do bachelor/bachelorette events.
  • Water Shuttle: We have a water shuttle that runs from 118th Street to Ocean Pines to Downtown Ocean City with multiple stops available- this runs from approximately June 20th to August 20th.
  • Water Taxi: We have an on-demand Water Taxi system that operates 3-4 nights a week during the peak tourist season.

We're Looking for a Few Good Men (or Women!)....

OC Bay Hopper is looking for both full and part time captains for the upcoming summer season. We recognize that there are a wide variety of captaining opportunities available in Ocean City, so it is very important that there is good alignment between OC Bay hopper and prospective captains. Specifically, we are looking for:

  • Captains who are willing to commit to a certain number of hours/days on the water. We have some captains that work a single, 5 hour shift on a single day of the week, and others that work 5-6 days a week across afternoon/morning/evening shifts. We don’t mind either approach. However, we are not interested in captains that want to work “on call” or be “back ups” (We have plenty of those!)

  • Captains that appreciate that they are a big part of the experience! We are in business to DELIGHT our customers. We are looking for captains who understand this and are willing to stretch themselves to ensure their customers have a good time!

  • Captains that are not primarily driven by a need for a certain income. In 2024, we will start Captains at $25/hr and if they meet certain criteria they will be moved higher. And there is a tip component to the job. However, if a captain needs OC Bay Hopper to be his primary means of supporting a family this can be tough. Generally, our trips are 50% (or less) full until late June. We run hard for about 8 weeks and then things slow down. Please keep this in mind when considering employment with us.

  • Captains that want to be a part of a team. We care. Alot. We are committed to building a water transportation system in Ocean City Maryland. It will take time and we try to improve incrementally each year. If this sounds like something you are interested in leaning into and helping us build, it could be worth a conversation!