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Cancellation Policy

When you book with the OC Bay Hopper you are reserving one of our boats – or a portion of one of our boats – that is no longer available to others.  To be courteous to others that might want to use one of the OC Bay Hopper’s services, we ask that any cancelations occur at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled trip departure.  

For those who cancel 24 hours or more in advance, you will have the option of a full refund applied to your credit card on file or to have the funds for your trip credited to your OC Bay Hopper account for future use.

Those who cancel within 24 hours of their trip departure will only be entitled to a credit to the OC Bay Hopper account.

For customers who do not arrive prior to the trip’s scheduled departure, no refund or credit will be available.

If we have to cancel a trip for safety reasons – such as a weather event – then you will have the option to receive either a full refund to your credit card on file or to your OC Bay Hopper account. 

Are tickets required for children and infants?

Yes — our boats are US Coast Guard inspected vessels and have a strict limit on their capacity. For this reason, all passengers must have a ticket in order to cruise with us.

Fortunately, many of our cruises have options to book an entire section rather than pay per person. This is an affordable way for a family to book an experience with us in a more economic way!