Friends of the OC Bay Hopper,

We wanted to send a very quick update out to those of you that rallied to support us this past week. We had over 400 signatures on our petition from 130 property owners and 30 year round residents! There were more than 175 comments of support!

Thank you so much! If you want to dig into the details of how we got here, check out our Brief History on our website.

Yesterday’s Board of Port Wardens hearing was, to say the least, an educational experience. It was attended by 15-20 neighbors that voiced concerns about our business. We listened carefully to their objections and hopefully dispelled a lot of misinformation about who we are and what we’re aiming to do. We’ve also written an Open Letter to our neighbors and those that were unable to attend the hearing.

At the end of the hearing we were granted approval to install our floating dock and ramp on the condition that we obtain “Conditional Use” from the Zoning and Planning Commission. This will again involve a hearing that will be open to the public and we will need as many businesses and residents as possible to show support for a Water Taxi in Ocean City.

If we get Conditional Use approval from the commission, our next step will be for the Mayor and City Council to consider that recommendation, the testimony read into the record at the hearing, and make a decision on whether to allow us to move forward. We’ll let everyone know as that process develops– we will still need your support!

Again, thank you!

Adam, Steve, David & Jeff
The OC Bay Hopper Team