We need your help! Please pledge your support for the OC Bay Hopper using the form below. Read on below for information on why we’re asking for your support and how you can help bring a Water Taxi to Ocean City, MD!

UPDATE! 1/11/19: Read about how our Board of Port Wardens public hearing concluded and the next steps for OC Bay Hopper.

Pledge your support

Why we need your support

As you hopefully already know: We’re working to bring a reliable, safe, water transportation option to the bayside of Ocean City. We launched late in the summer last year with a single boat (the “Blue Heron”) ferrying passengers up and down the bay between the 24+ bars/restaurants accessible by water! We also secured a great spot in the Ocean City Square shopping center near 118th street (the “Kiosk”) where you can meet our crew, book a trip, and board the boat if you’re staying close by.

The Kiosk @ 11703 Coastal Highway

For our 2019 season, we want that location to be even better. We’re investing in a floating dock and a 30ft long ADA compliant ramp so passengers can more easily board our boat.

A public hearing will take place on January 10th at 2pm in Council Chambers at City Hall to review our project. We’re soliciting support from our neighbors, customers, and fellow business owners — Please sign our petition showing that you support safe, reliable water transportation for Ocean City!

Unfortunately, we have heard that our neighbors might have concerns about our business. We attempted to directly address any and all concerns brought to us. This is why we need to hear from you: If you feel strongly that a water taxi service is important for Ocean City, please submit your name. If you would like to attend the public hearing to voice your support, please let us know!

How can you help?

Show up to support the OC Bay Hopper in Person
It would be most helpful, especially if you are a resident of Ocean City, if you simply come to the meeting on Thursday to show your support for this new endeavor. Join us on 1/10/19 at 2:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, located at 301 Baltimore Avenue, Ocean City, MD

Write a letter to the City demonstrating your support.
Letters of support are entered into the legal proceedings and will go a long way to showing how much public support there is for an alternative way to get around OC and to see the sights! Reference request number “PW18-139” in the subject of your letter. Email your letter to the Port Warden and Planning and Zoning Administrators.

Sign the petition
Use the form above and submit your pledge of support the OC Bay Hopper.

Share This Petition

Spread the word to your friends and colleagues, ask them to sign the petition and voice their support for our business.

What is OC Bay Hopper?

The OC Bay Hopper serves as a new, reliable, professionally operated bayside transportation alternative which is brought to Ocean City by a team of seasoned business professionals and experienced captains.

We are passionate about making bayside water transportation convenient and reliable. As a result, OC Bay Hopper provides its clients with a variety of ways to book a trip, including an online app. Additionally we are currently establishing a set of standard pick-up/drop-off points with bayside resturants, bars, bayside communities, and other businesses.

Traveling by water to get up to and from the west side of the Assawoman Bay or to move uptown or downtown in Ocean City makes a lot of sense. Here are a few reasons you’ll want to take advantage of a reliable bayside water transportation: