Getting to the Festival


Most flexible
$ 25 per person one way


Pier 23 / West OC
$ 100 round trip for groups of 4

Shuttle Service for the Oceans Calling Festival

Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st 2023

Our OC Bay Hopper shuttle service will be operating from 10:45am until midnight on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Pricing: $25 per person one way, $50 round-trip!

You will be booking a specific trip on one of our shuttles which has limited capacity. Your ticket is for a specific departure time and location and cannot be easily exchanged for another time/location if you are not there for the scheduled departure (we expect the boats to sell out).

Please know that we will refund any/all money for the shuttle in the event that the concert is cancelled OR the weather on the bay is unsafe/miserable for water transportation.

How to Book- For 118th Street, Ocean Pines Yacht Club, Convention Center
Launch the OC Bay Hopper app and navigate to our Shuttle Service. Choose the date you’d like transportation tickets, the number of adults/children, and type (one-way vs. round-trip).

For “Hop On Location” you can choose either West Ocean City, Ocean Pines Yacht Club, 118th Street in North OC, or the OC Convention Center.

For “Hop Off Location” choose Marina Deck, which is a short walk from the boardwalk and festival area.

How to Book- For West OC (Pier 23 Park-N-Ride Experience)

Launch the OC Bay Hopper app OR you can book on this page. Please note, each of these $100 tickets includes: a parking pass AND a trip to and from the festival FOR FOUR PEOPLE


At 118th Street we will be sending two boats south to MR Ducks in the morning (10:45AM) and returning two boats at the end of the night (midnight). Parking is free in the large lot at the Ocean City Square shopping center.

Ocean Pines Yacht Club shuttles will run every hour starting at 11:25AM to Marina Deck. Parking is free. Consider having a drink before or after the show at the Yacht Club.

At Pier 23 in West OC we will run multiple morning shuttles (and an optional later departures) and multiple return trips at the end of the night. Parking is included in the Pier 23 Park-N-Ride Experience we are offering.

Our primary location will be the OC Convention Center at 4001 Coastal Highway. The location has a large parking lot and we believe parking will be free to festival goers (please verify that on your own). We will be making trips from the convention center starting at 12:00PM and returning as late as 11:05PM.

You will need to update the OC Bay Hopper App to see the most recently added shuttle routes…

Interested in a unique VIP Experience?

Captain Steve will be anchoring Alyosha just off shore for each of the 3 days of the Oceans Calling festival! This is unique way to experience the festival in a small group setting with all of the amenities of a 50 foot yacht!