Our second location is now open!

Come visit our kiosk in West Ocean City, and check out our newest bayside experiences: Annabelle’s BBQ Cruise, Clamming off Assateague, Boating 101 and the “OC Classic”

NEW Experiences


Mmmmm, barbecued meat!  Do you have a hanker’n for some good ol’ fashion bbq?  Imagine it on a boat kick’n back with a cold beer and a pile of tasty meats while cruising the Assawoman Bay.  What could be better?

Welp, here’s your chance to make your bbq dreams come true.  By partnering with Annabelle’s BBQ, we have combined a fantastic BBQ extravaganza with a relaxing cruise on the OC Bay Hopper.

Looking to learn the basics of what it takes to man a boat?  How about learning the ropes while you’re here in Ocean City? Hop on board with Captain Steve for two hours and he will teach you all the basics! From parts of the boat, different knots, safety, de docking, underway skills and what it takes to dock the boat! This two hour experience will allow you to get a hands on feel of how to drive a boat and maybe even inspire someone to be a captain one day. Maybe you’re an up and coming captain for OC Bay Hopper… who knows!

Looking to check out all the cool spots on the water that Ocean City has to offer? Hop on board for our OC Classic! On this trip we will show you guys all the ‘must see’ spots from the water in just an hour. On this cruise we will check out the West Ocean City Commercial Harbor, Northern end of Assateague Island, Inlet area, Route 50 bridge and Sunset Marina. Your captain will go over the history of the are, point out local landmarks and you might even get to see the wild ponies from Assategue in this trip too… this trip offers it all!

Our Locations

West Ocean City

12817 Harbor Rd, Ocean City, MD 21842

New in 2021 — our West Ocean City kiosk is located in Pier 23 along the commercial fishing harbor. Nearby landmarks include the West Ocean City boat ramp, Harborside Bar & Grille, and the  Fisherman’s Marina

North Ocean City

11703 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842

Our North Ocean City kiosk is located in the Ocean City Square shopping center at 118th Street, right next to Food Lion.

Summer Updates

The Best Way to Get Around Ocean City, MD

Traveling by water to get to and from the west side of Assawoman Bay or to move uptown or downtown in Ocean City – especially during the evening hours – makes a lot of sense. With the OC Bay Hopper you can get around OC without the headache of fighting traffic or scrambling to find parking. And, traveling on the Bay is a beautiful and relaxing experience.